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Hi, I’m Lisa, and We’re Going to Be Friends

I love people, and I love love. The only thing better than those two things? People IN love. Capturing real emotion and genuine moments between soulmates is one of the greatest joys in my life. I wasn’t born with a camera in my hand though—no matter what my mom likes to say.

Once upon a time, I was happily working on a major in graphic design, and then I took a photography course. My already growing creativity exploded into bloom, and the graphic design foundations I had built—understanding design, color perspective, and visually communicating ideas and stories—turned out to be perfect complements for my newfound love.

 I soon started second shooting at my favorite type of events—weddings. I’m such a people person, love people watching, and adore the fun and happy vibe of the matrimonial celebration, so it wasn’t long before I realized that photographing weddings was my dream gig. In 2005, I started my business and began enjoying the privilege of getting to meet, befriend, and work with some of the best people in the world, my clients.

San Diego is my home, and I especially love getting out of the city and photographing in outdoor rustic and naturally beautiful locations whether it be the beach, the desert or a mountain trail.