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Connection and collaboration are the two most important parts of my approach to being your photographer. I believe in personal relationships and creative partnerships between myself and my clients, ones based on free-flowing exchanges of ideas, inspirations, shared interests, and belly laughs. If that sounds as good to you as it does to me, then we just might be perfect for each other ;-)


The steps we will take along the way

1. having a coffee and a chat

By this point, you’ve probably devoted a lot of time to finding a photographer you really fit with—or at least seem to on the internet! Somewhere along the way, you found me and the phrase “kindred spirits” flashed through your mind. Now it’s time to check our connection in person. You’ll send me an email, I’ll give you a call, and we’ll set up a cozy and convenient little getting-to-know-you meeting.  

2. It’s Reveling Time!

We met. We talked. We compared favorite moments in my sample wedding albums. We clicked. We discussed your vision of wedding day perfection. We let time get away from us a bit. We possibly exchanged Pinterest boards or Instagrams. The next day—or maybe even that very night—you send me my absolute favorite kind of message to get, saying you’d love to book me to capture all the beautiful moments of your wedding. I excitedly respond that I’d be honored. And now the real fun can begin!

We’ll schedule your Reveling in the “Yes” session and start brainstorming naturally beautiful settings, heartfelt themes, and whatever else will give your shoot the most meaning. On Reveling day, we’ll all meet up and take gorgeous photos in between goofing around and creating inside jokes I’ll use to make you two smile on your big day. I’ve also been known to bring some coffee (or champagne) or favorite baked treats along with my gear.

3. Exchanging Vows

The day is finally here! By this point, we’ll have made all the plans we need, discussed all the details, and exchanged somewhere around a thousand text messages. You’ll be able to breathe easy (where photography is concerned at least) and know that every important piece of your union will be captured with the precision of an expert and the loving care of a friend. I am there with you every step of the way. Communication and a good timeline are vital for a smooth, stress free wedding day. I encourage you to express concerns and ask questions. There is nothing we cannot handle; it is my goal that you have the best day possible!

3. Relive Your Moments

I’ll spend 6-8 weeks choosing and editing the most authentic, impassioned, emotional, joyful, and inherently beautiful moments of your day. I’ll then excitedly let you know that your private online photo gallery is ready! (I might e-mail or I might call and try not to squeal too loudly in your ear.) For a year, this gallery will let you reminisce over the feelings of the day and see just how amazing it truly was; it will also let you easily download and share your photos and choose the ones that have absolutely captivated you for your wedding album. Through the gallery you can see the photos, download, and share and you can specify the favorites for your wedding album. 2-3 days later, you’ll have mail! A thumb drive with all those same moments will arrive at your door—because your moments are YOUR moments. 

Kona Kai San Diego wedding bride and groom


4. Moments Are Meant to Be Shared

While I firmly believe you should be able to do whatever you want with your moments, which is why I make sure you have your own high-resolution digital copies, I also know that you can’t proudly display a thumb drive on the coffee table or hand it around at your next gathering. This is why I encourage you to choose your favorite moments and let me provide you with a custom-designed album so beautiful, you’ll never want to put it on a shelf. You’ll have your choice of a whimsical wood or warm leather-bound piece of art, made to last a lifetime.

Some Answer to Set Your Mind at Ease


If you’ve found yourself falling in love with my photos and nodding along with my words, that’s a pretty good sign! I also encourage you to take a look at my Pinterest inspiration boards—we may have some of the same pins! The final test? Reach out, and we’ll check our connection in person.


Oh yes, for so many reasons. First, what better way to celebrate deciding to spend your lives together than an intimate couples session? The wedding will be fantastic, and we can absolutely make time for some just-the-two-of-us photos on the big day, but things can still get a bit hectic, and relaxation may not be easy to come by. A Reveling in the “Yes” session lets you do exactly that, revel in your togetherness with a low-key and affectionate ease. There’s no one else looking at you but me.

And speaking of me, Reveling in the “Yes” sessions allow us all to get comfortable with each other and interacting with my camera thrown into the mix. I can answer any questions you may have about posing and soothe any in-front-of-a-camera concerns troubling you. I can give you a small, sweet taste of what it will be like on your wedding day, but with much more conversation, joking, and maybe even a few silly selfies of the three of us.


People say life’s a journey, not a destination. I say life’s a journey full of different destinations, and I’m always happy to travel to the one you’ve decided reflects your unique love best.


Every wedding is different, and each couple has different moment priorities—some are all about blocking out time for a before-the-ceremony sneak peek at each other while others hold memories full of family nearest and dearest. I will work with you to ensure what matters most to you is what ends up on my camera. Also, every wedding includes myself and a sterling second shooter so we can capture your love and laughter from all angles (but primarily the best ones).

Q5. I love your style, but I’d really like some traditional photos thrown in there too . . .

I totally get it! I’ll probably have some traditional family photos at my own wedding because, well, tradition! I normally schedule about 20-30 minutes after the ceremony for family photos, and if there are any other types you want to make sure not to miss, we’ll add them to the plan!

Q6. Will you work with my wedding timeline?

You betcha. In fact, I’m happy to help with the timeline as much as I can! While I’m not a wedding planner, I love weddings in general and want to do whatever I can to help make things flow as smoothly as possible. Want to set up a time to tour your venue and figure out great places for certain shots? Sign me up. Need to plan around certain activity times? I can do that. Want to be just as go with the flow as possible? I can do that too (but I do still recommend setting aside a bit of specific time for certain moments).

Q7. We’re not professional models when it comes to posing . . .

No one is! But between our Reveling in the “Yes” session, collaborating on all sorts of ideas, and my excellent directing skills, all your more posed moments will have Cosmo and GQ asking you for tips.

Q8. Wedding guests get food. Do photographers need food?

My second shooter and I would greatly appreciate it if there’s a meal for us at dinner time. We don’t need anything fancy, just some simple and nutritious fuel to keep us snapping and a little spot to eat it in—i.e. not at a guest table. In fact, the more portable and durable the food, the better since we’d rather hop up mid meal than miss a special moment.

Q9. I’m sold. Let’s meet.

Reach out and let’s get this beautiful ball rolling!