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Connection and collaboration are the two most important parts of my approach to being your photographer. I believe in personal relationships and creative partnerships between myself and my clients, ones based on free-flowing exchanges of ideas, inspirations, shared interests, and belly laughs. If that sounds as good to you as it does to me, then we just might be perfect for each other ;-)


The steps we will take along the way

1. Having a chat

By this point, you’ve probably devoted a lot of time to finding a photographer you really fit with—or at least seem to on the internet! You’ll send me an email, I’ll give you a call, and we’ll set up a convenient to chat and discuss your goals for your session.  

2. It’s Photo Time!

We talked. We clicked. We discussed your vision of photo goals and perfection. We possibly exchanged Pinterest boards or Instagrams. You send me my absolute favorite kind of message to get, saying you’d love to book me to capture all the beautiful moments of your family! I excitedly respond that I’d be honored. And now the real fun can begin!

We’ll schedule your photo session and start brainstorming naturally beautiful settings, heartfelt themes, and whatever else will give your shoot the most meaning.

Depending on the age of session participants, I use a mix of prompts and movement to get natural photos. For very young children, I like to focus on play-based photography and movement (kids aren't always known for sitting still, so I like to capture them as they are playing games and giving some direction). Feel free to bring a favorite toy or activity, and we’ll focus on the family interacting and playing together. I’ve also been known to bring some treats along with my gear for well behaved models ;)

3. Relive Your Moments

I’ll spend three weeks choosing and editing the most authentic, joyful, and inherently beautiful moments of your session. I’ll then excitedly let you know that your private online photo gallery is ready! Through the gallery you can see the photos specify the favorites for your wall gallery. You will have access my online gallery wall designer to view images scaled to your own walls so you know exactly what the images will look like. Once you submit your gallery order 2 weeks later, you’ll have mail! Ready to hang framed images with all those same moments will arrive at your door—because your moments are YOUR moments. 


4. Moments Are Meant to Be Shared

While I firmly believe you should be able to do whatever you want with your moments, which is why I make sure you have your own high-resolution digital copies, I also know that you can’t proudly display a thumb drive on the coffee table or hand it around at your next gathering. This is why I encourage you to choose your favorite moments and let me provide you with a custom-designed wall gallery ready to hang and display beautifully in your space. 

With the use of my online gallery wall designer to view images scaled to your own walls so you know exactly what the images will look like.I am happy to upload other personal photos for you if you want to put together a wall gallery with a mix of photos.